Roof Lanterns

Adding a roof lantern to your new flat roof extension can bring all the benefits of a conservatory - with plenty of natural light to illuminate your room - but still keeping the energy efficiency of your standard roof.

Aluminium Lanterns

Our Aluminium roof lantern manages to tick every box required - it's slim, 40mm frame means you get the maximum light available, and keeps the roof looking proportional. It also boast's a thermally broken section - meaning U-values of 0.9W/m2k are available, and even a triple glazed option which can achieve 0.6W/m2K.

uPVC Lanterns

uPVC roof lanterns are also available - with the ability to be foiled to match your existing windows and doors, enabling a seamless look throughout your home.

Roof Lantern Specification

Roof Lanterns Prices

Unlike other window companies, we provide fully transparent pricing on all of our products, no personal details required. If you wish to find out more, give us a call we are happy to provide a quote for you.