A conservatory is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways of extending your living space.'s conservatories are constructed from the same robust PVCu profiles as our windows and doors, specially selected not to peel, crack or warp, and so maintain your homes appearance, warmth and security for years to come.

Choice of Styles

We have a choice of styles and sizes to suit every home, and every budget. We use highly thermally efficient glass in our roofs with a very low "U" value of 1.2 that exceeds building regulations. Not only does this prevent loss of heat in winter, it also keeps your conservatory pleasantly cool throughout the summer.

Genuine Ultraframe Products installs conservatory roofs from Ultraframe. These roofs are engineered for the extremes of the UK climate and approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) to last 25 years. They are the only systems to have passed the UA's BOCA system, the toughest testing regime in the world. After the installation of your conservatory, you will receive an Ultraframe Certificate of Authenticity - your guarantee that you have a top quality Ultraframe roof. The Certificate is a legal document that you can use to reassure future buyers of your home that your conservatory really does feature a genuine Ultraframe roof.

Next Step

Our conservatories are supplied on a bespoke basis.
Please call us for full details on 08000 329 321 ( FREEPHONE FROM A LANDLINE), or to arrange to visit us for a chat to help us provide an exact specification and price.