Meet the Team

Will Nicoll

I am the owner of Tradeframe. I purchased the company in 2005 from it's founder Mike Chambers. I have been in the industry for over 25 years and have owned and operated businesses successfully in the UK and Europe. I asked our key members of staff to write a few words about themselves but they were too bashful to do it, so I have done it for them.

Adam Bellamy - General Manager Peterborough

I don't know what title you could give Adam as he is brilliant at everything. He started in the business doing quotes but he was so popular with customers he morphed over to the retail business where he continued to help and advise . He has a degree in Art which is of no value here but I thought he would like me to mention it. If everyone was like this young man the double glazing industry would have a good reputation.

Mike Hamilton - General Manager Gloucester

I have worked with Mike in various businesses for the last 18 years. He was Sales Director of Windowmaker and Indigo Products before taking over the same role when I purchased Tradeframe. When I sold Indigo Products I persuaded Mike to open a retail outlet in Cheltenham, and both Mike and the business have never looked back. As Mike is from the trade side of the business he will probably tell you far more technical information than you need to know, but as he is Irish you probably won't know what he is saying anyway.

Steve Paterson - General Manager Swindon

Steve has been involved in every aspect of the industry , including manufacturing, installing ,surveying and sales. He has specialist knowledge of conservatories , to the extent that he oversees the conservatories that we sell in the Gloucester branch also. Steve is particularly popular with me as he is the first person to work with me that has said he would like a van instead of a company car. I hope the idea catches on.

Jack Nicoll - Director/IT and Web Manager

Jack's primary role is the responsibility for all our IT and website issues. As our internet pricing is unique, and as we strive to make the pricing more comprehensive, the time spent maintaining it increases. He is also involved on a daily basis in the sales at Gloucester and Swindon. As he is my son he is also expected to unload lorries, sweep round the skip and work Saturdays and Sundays without overtime .He also has to listen to me telling him how much harder it was in my day.