uPVC Triple Glazing

Future Ready· Energy Saving· More Secure

Triple Glazing Cross Section

Triple glazing is the newest product in the Tradeframe range. 28mm triple glazing has been around for years, but with only two 8mm air gaps, it wasn't efficient enough to justify the added cost.
Our triple glazing is 40mm thick, with two 14mm air gaps to provide superior thermal performance. This is accomplished using our standard 70mm profile. We also fit our heavy duty fire hinges as standard & use extra reinforcing where required to allow for the extra weight. Other window companies have to use frames that can be over 100mm thick, which means re-plastering and extra fitting work. Our 70mm profile will fit perfectly into any modern British home.

Our Triple glazing achieves a U-value of 1.0(W/m2.K) or less!

Triple glazing is approximately 40% more efficient than A-Rated double glazing, meaning you can save even more on your heating and energy bills. It will almost eliminate any internal condensation on the glass.

For all triple glazing enquiries, please contact the office on 08000 329 321