News Frames Withstand Break In Attempt, Photos inside.


We have just had a report from a customer of ours who had a set of woodgrain French doors from us a few years back. Unfortunately they suffered a break in attempt. However, due to our high quality locking and hardware, the attempt was unsuccessful  The would-be burgulars failed to get it in and their contents remained secure. Security is of the highest concern when purchasing home improvements, so you can be safe in the knowledge with Tradeframe uPVC windows & doors that you are getting the highest quality locks available.

Below we have some photos attached so you can see the attempts made.

You can see in the photo above, after attempting to attack the central part of the door and failing, they turned to attack the hinge side of the door. As you can see - while the hinge has been damaged, the security claws and vector excluders have kept the door leaf in the frame. There are some closeup photos below so you can see the amount of force applied to the frame.

If you have any queries about the locking systems on our doors, watch our door locking video to see what hardware goes into a door.