Integrated Blinds

Integrated Window Blinds

With the widepsread adoption of Bifolding doors, tilt and turns, and other larger windows and doors, the traditional curtains or blinds have some issues. With Tilt and turns - the window opens internally, meaning tight fitting blinds or curtains won't work. In the case of bifolds, having large spans of blinds or curtains can look unsightly, not to mention will require lots of cleaning to keep them looking their best.Integrated Blinds are a great solution.

Integrated Blinds are fitted between the two panes of glass in our double glazing, they are hermetically sealed and require no maintenance. A simple pull cord or magnet controller allow you to raise, lower, and tilt the blinds, just like a normal set. The units are all toughened as standard, and still use low emmisivity glass, warmedge spacers and argon gas to give you our A-Rated specification.

Integrated Blinds Specification

Integrated Blind Demonstration

Integrated Blind Prices

Unlike other window companies, we provide fully transparent pricing on all of our products, no personal details required. We don't employ pushy salesmen, any employee that visits your home is simply there to confirm your measurements, and will be happy to answer any technical questions you have.

We don't include integrated blind prices on our online software, as it is very dependent on glass size, blind colour and there are a few alternative blind systems available; some are more appropriate for certain products than others. As a rough idea, you can expect to pay approx. £ 250-300 per sq. m for integrated blinds.