Exterior Doors

Tradeframe.com offers doors to grace every style of building.

uPVC Doors

Our standard residential doors and decorative panelled doors are manufactured from High Quality PVC and Toughened A-Rated Glass, offering outstanding appearance and durability as well as security, noise reduction and warmth.We can provide instant online quoting on all of our doors.

Composite Doors

Our composite doors offer the appearance of hardwood, including a natural carved appearance, but are constructed from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) - bringing all the advantages of warmth, stability and security.

Patio Doors & French Doors

We also manufacture and fit Patio and French Doors. Both are fitted with A-Rated glass as standard; and our French Doors feature all the same security as our standard uPVC and Composite Doors.

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uPVC Door Security

All PVCu doors include 8 point locking, with sac-bolts and anti-lift hinges as standard. This makes Tradeframe.com Doors the most secure on the market. We recently were contacted by a previous customer who had the misfortune of a breakin. Luckily, she fitted Tradeframe.com Doors which completely resisted all forms of attack! Take a look at the pictures here

The short video below shows all our door locking features in more detail: