News factory is now part of Glazerite


Tradeframe has been manufacturing windows and doors since 1982. Since then there has been quite a change in the way windows are manufactured. Whereas 10-15 years ago one factory would make windows, doors, and conservatory roofs in 3-4 colours, now fabricators are expected to make a huge variety of products in 20+ colours, and still manage to keep a lead time that is competitive. This has given rise to specialised factories - where one company owns several locations, who all make a particular product well.

Tradeframe has always made Halo uPVC products, and with the acquisition of Halo by Veka Group, Glazerite - one of the largest manufacturers in the UK, was looking for a top quality Halo fabricator to add to it's group. They have several factories throughtout the UK manufacturing a variety of different products. It was decided that the manufacturing side would be sold to Glazerite - allowing them to offer the full suite of VEKA products, and we would enter a strategic supply partnership. This means we can still offer our fantastic prices, but over a larger range of products. The factory has also seen the benefit of merging, with new machinery and state of the art QC and computer controlled manufacture to ensure your products are made to the highest standard.

To learn more about Glazerite please visit their website