Bifolding Door

uPVC Bifold Doors

Bifolding doors are steadily becoming more and more popular in the UK, as homeowners get more creative with their home improvement projects. For a long time, aluminium Bifolding doors were the only viable option, with uPVC Systems suffering from poor operation. uPVC Bifolds have come on leaps and bounds since then, our system is designed with purpose built hardware and profile, allowing high security locking, energy A-Rated, and a Severe Weather Rating.

We offer three unique bifolding door systems, ensuring we have a perfect match for your home

Origin Aluminium Bifolds

The leading bifolding manufacturer in the UK,an Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Coupled with a 20 year guarantee, this is a door to truly stand the test of time.

Aluhaus Warmcore Bifolds

The Alufold Warmcore bifolding door takes the advanced Warmcore system and makes it even better to create what we believe to be the ultimate bifolding door. Aluhaus have used their knowledge and aluminium experience to re-engineer and significantly enhance the already exceptional Warmcore bifolding door with a host of cosmetic, manufacturing and technological benefits that are unique to Aluhaus and Alufold.

Aspect uPVC Bifolds

For the best thermal performance, a uPVC bifolding door still managed to achieves a A-rating and keeps it affordable. With PAS 24 High security locking and Severe weather rating, you need to comprimise nothing with a uPVC bifolding

Bifolding Door Specification

Bifold Door Prices

Bifolds are unique in that there is quite a price difference between different systems. To put it in perspective, a White uPVC Veka Imagine door, 2700mm wide (3 pane opening) would cost just £1944 inc. VAT, whereas an Origin Easifold door the same size, in Grey on white, could cost as much as £4038 inc. VAT. However the price difference is justified in certain cases, for example if you require large doors, or if you need something that is going to have heavy footfall. We strongly recommend you either visit our showrooms to see some of the bifold's we have on offer, or give us a call to discuss your requirements and advise what would be best for you. In a lot of cases with smaller bifolds, a uPVC door may be a much more cost effective option, and have little or no drawbacks in comparison to a more premium Aluminium option. With 5 systems available from ourselves we have a door to fit your budget and requirement.
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